Welcome to MAD Elevator Inc.

The Elevator Fixture Market has not kept up with the times. We are here to change that.

MAD Elevator is a joint venture between DMG - inventor of the Gilda and a market leader in Europe for elevator fixtures and components, and Mainline Elevator, a Canadian custom cab manufacturer. These two companies came together in 2005 to advance elevator modernization in North America and bring impressive innovations to the market.

MAD Elevator is headquartered in Canada, where our 20,000 sq. foot facility has been established in the west end of Toronto. This state-of-the-art factory focuses solely on the efficient production of high-quality elevator fixture products. From standard applied elevator control systems and components, to highly custom Swing Return applications, MAD will complement your elevator modernization endeavors.

Our technicians have years of expertise in elevator fixture designs and implementations, so they are capable of overcoming any challenge and perfecting the corporate image of your facility. We build to suit your design requirements and exceed industry standards.