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Have you ever stepped into an elevator and been wowed? If the technology was advanced and the workmanship was outstanding, there’s a good chance the elevator was one of ours!

MAD is a joint venture between DMG - an Italian elevator fixture leader in Europe - and Mainline Elevator - a Canadian custom cab interior manufacturer. The companies initially came together in 2005 as MAD Fixtures to advance fixture modernization in North America. The partnership grew in 2016 forming MAD Elevator Inc., manufacturing high quality elevator fixtures and interiors under one roof.

In 2019, MAD partnered with Elevator Cab Renovations Inc. (ECR) to expand our elevator interiors product offering and reach. Together we provide even greater expertise to the elevator industry, architects, designers and property managers.

In 2020, MAD partnered with Vantage Elevation to form Vantage Fixtures Designed & Made by MAD, a powerful partnership bringing together the expertise, convenience, and product solutions of Vantage with the industry-leading fixtures and manufacturing capabilities of MAD.

Headquartered in Mississauga Canada, our 80,000 sq. foot facility focuses on the efficient production of industry-leading fixtures and high quality elevator car interiors.


We dream big here at MAD. It is our vision to have a MAD product in every elevator. We will do this by:

  • Going Above And Beyond: Partnering with our customers as dependable, value-add suppliers so they are successful in the eyes of their customers.

  • Simplifying Interactions: Make the entire process easy by eliminating the laborious activities customers face.

  • Offering Industry-Leading Products: Our technology, aesthetics and reliability help our customers win.

  • Supporting with the Best People, Providing the Best Service: We are experts in what we do.

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