About MAD Elevator

MAD is on a mission to become the North American elevator industry's first choice for standard and custom fixtures,

components, and cab interiors through the introduction of innovative and technologically advanced product solutions.


MAD Elevator is the newly created elevator fixture and elevator car-interior powerhouse that will revolutionize the elevator industry.

The marriage of MAD Fixtures and Mainline Elevator has created the only one-stop shopping elevator package solution in North America. Individually providing expertise to the elevator industry, architects, designers and property managers for over two decades, jointly we are positioned to offer extraordinary service.

MAD Elevator provides clients with on-site measurements for major projects, as well as CAD Design and engineering support for Designers, Elevator Consultants and Architects. MAD is able to offer the solutions necessary to take new construction or elevator modernization projects to the next level. Elevator interiors with sleek glass, aluminum, laminate or stainless steel finishes enhance the corporate image of any building and create that great first impression for your visitors. Our elevator fixtures are custom designed to complement the overall look of any interior and provide high aesthetic value and durable performance. MAD Elevator is proud to be recognized by leading elevator consultants for our quality and integrity. Headquartered in Canada, our total 80,000 sq. foot facilities focus on the efficient production of state-of-the-art fixtures and the highest quality elevator car interiors.

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