Accessibility Commitment Statement

The management of the MAD Elevator Inc (MAD Elevator) is committed to providing a barrier-free environment for all stakeholders, including our clients/customers, employees, job applicants, suppliers, the public and any visitors who may enter our premises, access our information, or use our services. As an organization, we respect and uphold the requirements set forth under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) and its associated standards and regulations and will ensure that we offer a safe and welcoming environment that is respectful of each person's dignity and independence.

The goal of the AODA is the achievement of a fully accessible Ontario through the identification, prevention and removal of barriers. To meet this objective and the requirements under the AODA, MAD Elevator has, and will continue to, incorporate accessibility measures into our policies, procedures, training, websites, environment and best practices (as identified in our Multi-Year Accessibility Plan).

The AODA's key principles of integration, equality, dignity and independence will be applied regardless of whether an individual is:

  • Working within or visiting our office;
  • Accessing our information; or
  • Procuring our services and support online or via our phone-in services

As an organization, MAD Elevator is dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals with disabilities in a timely manner. We understand that providing a barrier-free environment is a shared effort, and as an organization, we are committed to working with the necessary parties to make accessibility a reality for all.

Questions or concerns regarding MAD Elevator’s Accessibility Policy and Multi-Year Accessibility Plan are to be directed to the Human Resources or submitted via the company's AODA Feedback Process.


Steve Reich-Rohrwig
President, MAD Elevator



MAD Elevator Inc is committed to improving accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

We would like to hear your comments, questions or suggestions about the provision of our products or services to people with disabilities.

Please fill out this form and email it to hr@madelevator.com.