COVID Solutions

We are living in extraordinary times that require new solutions in all aspects of public health, including elevator passenger interfacing. Below are solutions that reduce risk by limiting passenger contact with contaminated surfaces.

  • FreeRide App

    Call the elevator without touching the floor or hall buttons using your smartphone.

    Easy-to-install concept: no changes to controller or shaft wiring required. Ideal for modernizations; best for retrofitting.

  • PHANTOM - Touchless Sensor

    This sensor allows almost any elevator pushbutton to become touchless. Monitoring the area 0.5" above the pushbuttons, PHANTOM detects finger like objects and activate the button, while rejecting other objects reducing false activations. To use, the passenger simply brings their finger in proximity of the button to activate the call. Manual button functions remain to meet all code requirements.

  • Touchless Buttons

    The perfect touch-free solution to the commonly touched elevator surface. Hover over the button with sensor activation. The BS Touchless is the perfect retrofit product: replace on the pressel only, contact & wiring unchanged.

  • Toe-To-Go

    The Toe-To-Go (T2G) foot-activated elevator call button allows activation of hall & car station buttons by shoe, reducing the risk of transferring germs by creating a hands-free experience.

Position Indicators and MosaicONE
Digital Signage Software

Modern displays and cutting-edge digital technology.

MosaicONE is a cloud-native software that allows a user from any location with an Internet connection to update and manage their networked devices from MAD Elevator.

Create and edit powerful digital notices with the easy-to-use web-based theme editor. Digital content with anything from images to custom HTML including per-floor notifcations. Do it all yourself, or delegate responsibility to others.

Video & Messaging System

MosaicONE Video & Messaging System by MAD Elevator is a Cloud-Native, End-to-End Encrypted, Fully Secure solution built to meet the new A17.1/B44 2019 and IBC 2018 communication requirements.

  • Simple Installation

    MosaicOne VMS is a PLUG + PLAY solution. A power source and network connection are the only requirements. Simply plug it in, enter the ID code into and the system is fully functional.

  • Simple Maintenance

    Smart and continuously self monitoring, MosaicONE provides real-time alerts to your team with specific details on what is wrong, where and what to do. Whether it’s a vandalism blacking out a camera, power failure or internet connection loss, your team knows exactly what to do.

  • Simple Code Compliance

    MosaicONE VMS is a complete system. No 3rd party components or provisions needed, MosaicONE is all you need to meets 2019 A17.1 Emergency Communication Code.

  • Seamless Compatibility

    MosaicOne VMS is compatible with any phone system and any controller. No product or supplier changes required to ensure optimal functionality. The system comes with all required hardware, including backup batteries. Your team will never have to deal with piecemeal assembly or compatibility problems.

  • Seamless Security

    VMS features end-to-end encryption and secure data storage that will satisfy the cybersecurity requirements of every property. With perfect scores from SSL Labs and Security ScoreCard, your team will never be blindsided.

  • Seamless Updating

    Remote updates ensure that all VMS systems are equipped with up-to-date software and features.

  • Superior Hardware

    Carefully-selected components from reputable suppliers ensure durability and minimize maintenance for your team.

  • Superior Software

    MosaicONE VMS is cloud-native and accessible from any computer or mobile device. Auto-provisioning software, continuous improvements, and regular network maintenance minimize time on-site.

  • Superior Value

    Whether it’s the simple installation, seamless integration, or the included MosaicONE Digital Signage Software and data retention, when choosing MosaicONE VMS, the superior value is unchallenged.

The MosaicONE VMS can be purchased either as part of a fixture package (pre-integrated into COP), a kit to be integrated into 3rd party fixtures, or as a standalone fixture. In all cases, it is a complete system with minimum field effort required.

Simple, Seamless, Superior. All inclusive, Plug and Play, Installation and commission of the MosaicONE VMS system is quick and mistake proof.


The Touch-To-Go (TTG) elevator touchscreen system takes the place of conventional pushbuttons and transforms user-elevator interaction into a dynamic, visual experience. The touchscreen graphics interactively change upon touch-request. The TTG system connects the same way as conventional pushbuttons, allowing maximum flexibility for fixture upgrades, full modernizations or new construction. It is compatible with any elevator controller.


Over 32 years of elevator cab design and renovation experience and service.

Self Aligning Panels: No trimming or gluing required.

Reversible panels available. Get twice the life!

Self Aligning Panels: No trimming or gluing required.

Self Aligning Panels: No trimming or gluing required.

Reversible panels available. Get twice the life!

Self Aligning Panels: No trimming or gluing required.

Ultra light solution to weight restrictions.

Talk to us about a custom paneling system with one of our extrusion designs.

Destination Dispatch

Touchscreen kiosks to match your lanterns and building design.

Variety of options available. Please contact us for more information.


Design your Fixtures from the comfort of your home with our Configurators.