Germ-Free Elevator Solutions

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PHANTOM - Touchless Sensor

The PHANTOM Touchless Sensor allows almost any elevator pushbutton to become touchless. Monitoring the area 0.5" above the pushbuttons, PHANTOM detects finger-like objects and activate the button, while rejecting other objects reducing false activations. Watch the Video.


Sherman Touchless Pushbutton

The Sherman Touchless pushbutton is the perfect touch-free solution to the commonly touched elevator surface. Hover over the button with sensor activation. Watch the Video.

  • Dual Technology: Electromechanical contact (activated by push) and proximity sensor
  • Eliminates transferring germs through touched surfaces
  • Perfect retrofit product for DMG/MAD buttons
  • LED Illumination available in White

Toe-To-Go: Foot-Activated Elevator Call Button

The Toe-To-Go (T2G) foot-activated elevator call button allows activation of hall & car station buttons by shoe, reducing the risk of transferring germs by creating a hands-free experience.

  • Hands-Free Activation
  • Robust Durable Design
  • Stainless Steel or PVD Brass Finish
  • Wire in Parallel to Existing Buttons (See Wiring Diagram)
  • Surface-Mount Option for Hall Station
  • Keypad Option for COP
  • No code alteration or submission required for modification
  • Order Form
  • Reference Sheet
  • Clean with a damp cloth and mild soap


BS Copper: Self-Cleaning Elevator Pushbutton

The BS Copper is the newest addition to the BS Series. Fitted with an untreated copper face, it's the perfect self-cleaning button. Read about the benefits of Copper.

  • Naturally Self-Cleaning Button
  • No harsh chemicals needed. Clean with a 4:1 water and vinegar solution.
  • Perfect retrofit product: Replace on the Pressel only, contact & wiring unchanged. (Compatible with most MAD and tkE Pushbuttons)
Learn more about Copper here.


Easy-To-Clean Touchscreen System

The Touch-To-Go elevator touchscreen system is a digital solution that replaces traditional pushbuttons while turning elevator wait time into a dynamic, visual experience. Though no built-in antimicrobial technology, the smooth glass surface is an easy surface to clean unlike mechanical buttons that have areas that can trap contaminants. The glass surface has a liquid-tight bezel and will not be damaged by frequent cleaning or disinfection.

  • Clean with any glass-approved solution, including 70% alcohol to kill germs and viruses.
  • Unlike mechanical pushbuttons, contaminants will not get trapped on the smooth glass surface.
  • Calls can be placed by touch with a gloved or covered hand, which could further prevent the transfer of germs.
  • Notify tenants of COVID changes or other updates. Example.
  • Standard sizes available in 21" and 15.6".

FreeRide Bluetooth & Smartphone Integration

Make your existing elevators touchless with smartphone-enabled FreeRide. Using an easily retrofitted Bluetooth interface card, FreeRide is the perfect solution for those seeking a modern upgrade for their building. We work directly with your developers to embed FreeRide’s elevator call feature into your building’s app, creating a seamless tenant experience to both call the elevator and select their floor destination.
  • Call the elevator using a smartphone.
  • No changes to controller or shaft wiring required
  • Code is available for iOS and Android.

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