Germ-Free Elevator Solutions

We are living in extraordinary times that require new solutions in all aspects of public health, including elevator passenger interfacing.
Below are solutions that reduce risk by limiting passenger contact with contaminated surfaces.
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Toe-To-Go: Foot-Activated Elevator Call Button

The Toe-To-Go (T2G) foot-activated elevator call button allows activation of hall & car station buttons by shoe, reducing the risk of transferring germs by creating a hands-free experience.

  • Hands-Free Activation
  • Robust Durable Design
  • Stainless Steel or PVD Brass Finish
  • Wire in Parallel to Existing Buttons (See Wiring Diagram)
  • Surface-Mount Option for Hall Station
  • Keypad Option for COP
  • No code alteration or submission required for modification
  • Order Form
  • Reference Sheet
  • Clean with a damp cloth and mild soap


BS Copper: Self-Cleaning Elevator Pushbutton

The BS Copper is the newest addition to the BS Series. Fitted with an untreated copper face, it's the perfect self-cleaning button. Read about the benefits of Copper.

  • Naturally Self-Cleaning Button
  • No harsh chemicals needed. Clean with a 4:1 water and vinegar solution.
  • Perfect retrofit product: Replace on the Pressel only, contact & wiring unchanged. (Compatible with most MAD and tkE Pushbuttons)
Learn more about Copper here.


Easy-To-Clean Touchscreen System

The Touch-To-Go elevator touchscreen system is a digital solution that replaces traditional pushbuttons while turning elevator wait time into a dynamic, visual experience. Though no built-in antimicrobial technology, the smooth glass surface is an easy surface to clean unlike mechanical buttons that have areas that can trap contaminants. The glass surface has a liquid-tight bezel and will not be damaged by frequent cleaning or disinfection.

  • Clean with any glass-approved solution, including 70% alcohol to kill germs and viruses.
  • Unlike mechanical pushbuttons, contaminants will not get trapped on the smooth glass surface.
  • Calls can be placed by touch with a gloved or covered hand, which could further prevent the transfer of germs.
  • Standard sizes available in 21" and 15.6".

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