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As with our products, MAD is committed to incorporating technology wherever we can improve our products, stream line processes, decrease costs, improve our customer experiences, and Make Life Simple. We have released the following apps as tools for Elevator Contractors, Consultants, Architects, Property Managers, and End-Users.

MAD is continuing to develop new ideas and improve on existing, so please send us feedback on anything you would like to see to

All apps are available in both Android & iOS.

MAD Apps
MAD Apps
MAD Apps
MAD Apps

MAD Configurator App

Interactively make selections and work with your board members or client to make final selections on design, shape, finish, and style without physical samples. This is essentially the mobile version of the Design Center.

  • 1,300+ Push button Combinations
  • 33,000+ Hall Station/Hall Lantern Combinations
  • 230,000,000+ COP Combinations
  • 10,000+ Cab Interior Designs
  • Email selections for your records

MAD Parts App

Finding replacement parts, correct part numbers and pricing is time consuming and prone to error. Combined with our online store, the MAD Parts app allows you to easily look up parts used on an assembly and order.

  • Forward shopping cart to purchasing department
  • Browse Online Store, Scan QR code or enter model info
  • Pictures of all components to ensure correct selection

MAD Site Survey App

This app provides a digital site survey process for elevator cabs and fixtures. All pictures and dimensions are captured in the app. When complete, the survey is submitted and a survey report is immediately emailed to you.

MAD Quick Quote App

Quickly capture minimum information to get a base quote for your service or modernization project. Using the app to take photos of the existing elevators and a few basic pieces of information, MAD can quickly and accurately provide you pricing.