Simply MAD

The amount of time spent searching for information, be it troubleshooting guides or correct part numbers for replacement, should not take longer than the task itself; yet frequently it does.

How often have we played the “guess this part” game, wasting valuable time and resources? Too often, we a take photo, and send it to various suppliers to determine what it is, and who supplied it. Why do we have to lose time on site guessing on how to install or troubleshoot something because the instructions are not readily available?

MAD is helping to eliminate the guess work with our introduction of QR codes. Each QR code is unique and fixture specific, enabling us to provide you with the correct information for each individual fixture. From that QR code you have access to:

  • MAD Online Store components used on that specific fixture (if part is obsolete, it has already been crossed to the correct equivalent part)
  • Installation Manuals, Troubleshooting Guides and related Videos
  • Shop Drawings
  • Warranty Status and ability to submit claims directly
  • Provide Feedback to MAD

Field personnel can't purchase parts? Simply have them add the parts to the shopping cart and forward to the appropriate person to purchase.

Why are we going through the effort of creating and maintaining these QR codes? Because MAD's goal is to Make Life Simple.