MAD Elevator Inc. warrants that all supplied Products and assemblies are free from defect in materials, workmanship or design and warrants that the Products are merchantable and fit for the purposes they are intended for.

MAD / DMG / TTG parts and workmanship are warranted for a period of twelve (12) months from date of delivery of the Product (“Warranty Period”). MAD Elevator Inc. will pass through in full any warranty for other supplier’s components or subcomponents installed by MAD Elevator Inc. and assist Purchaser with any warranty claims to them.

MAD Elevator Inc. will correct any non-compliance or defect in the parts or Products covered under warranty that appear during the warranty period by replacement Product or by repairing the defective Product. MAD Elevator Inc. will cover the cost of shipping and materials used to repair or replace the defective Product.

MAD’s obligations and liability in respect of defects covered by MAD’s warranties are limited to providing a replacement Product or repairing the Product. MAD will has no obligation to disassemble or reassemble elevator equipment to remove or reinstall Products, nor any liability for the cost of those activities. MAD has no liability for any indirect, consequential, special, exemplary of punitive damages, including without limitation of any liquidated damages.